Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Today Important Gold News by Money Life Research

In yesterday's trading session, precious metal Gold dropped from 1771 to 1760 ($11) and closed the day session with a bearish candle, but yesterday's dropping force Gold decreased.  not strong and currently touching MA20 support on the daily chart.

In my personal opinion at the beginning of today's trading session I am biased to the upside for precious metal Gold, we can consider buying the current price with a safe target around 1773-1775.  If the price of Gold breaks 1760 and goes down, we will consider the option to sell down.

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Let's have an overview on Gold(XAUUSD)


The market today opened at the price of 1767.00 as well as making a $ 4 retracement of the increase from the opening price.  From the current chart what can be seen through the current movement.

From the chart analysis, the tendency of the market price shows more downtrend than uptrend.  Because the rise that took place early this morning did not show strength on this candlestick.

Even what is created at current prices?  Bearish engulfing has formed on the M15 timeframe.  This suggests the possibility of market prices tending to a downtrend.

But at the same time.  The price is in the flat area where the price was the lowest last Friday.  Chances are if a strong downtrend can occur it will need to break in that area.

This is an appendix to today’s support and resistance prices;

 R1: 1770.00

 R2: 1776.00

 R3: 1786.00


 S1: 1764.00

 S2: 1758.00

 S3: 1748.00

Those who want to see the breakout + retest chart can be guided by the M15 timeframe.  As well as 1: 1 trade management can be used as a management guide for today's trading.

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Monday, 18 October 2021

📕 Comment on Gold on October 18, 2021

 - After the precious metal Gold touched MA20 on the weekly chart as well as the descending trendline channel extending from June 1, 2021 until now, as analyzed at the end of last week Gold has dropped sharply from 1796 to 1764 ($32).  Closing the week with a long bullish candle so in my opinion at the beginning of the week there will still be selling pressure before the next rally.

 - Switching to the daily time frame, we can see that the selling force of Gold on Friday dominated quite a lot and is showing signs of a slight recovery and we can wait to buy around 1767.  with the target 1778-1782.  Here we liquidate the order and wait for a sell signal.  At that time, the team will update the signal to watch.

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Friday, 15 October 2021

Comment on XAUUSD H1


Yesterday's market price did not show any reactions to the current price except that the $ 3 movement from the 1787.00 prices is counted as a horizontal market movement.  Today the market opens at 1796.00 where the price is the height of the previous market price.

From the technical aspect what can be seen here is, the price is testing at the last high, and these are the nearest support and resistance levels, among them are:

 S1: 1793.00

 S2: 1787.00

 S3: 1777.00


 R1: 1799.00

 R2: 1805.00

 R3: 1815.00

 So between each of these levels you can see if there is any breakout accompanied by other techniques, it can be used as a trading guide and head to the next nearest level to be used as a take profit.

So the question is, will today's Friday market be able to further increase the current market price, or vice versa.  Let’s take a look at when the US market opens tonight.

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