Friday 31 July 2020

Today's Gold Market Quick Analysis

📝 Commenting on July 31, 2020:

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 - US GDP decreased by 32.9% compared to the previous quarter, expected to be 34.5%, this is the figure that CNBC commented that the Great Depression did not see such two-digit decline.

 - The number of applications for new unemployment benefits in the US continued to increase for the second week in a row, plus the number of deaths in Florida and Arizona set a record last night, causing the US to continue dropping points to create a falling rhythm.  Continued, the lowest in the last 2 years this has made the XXX / USD pairs to benefit from continued gains including precious metals.

 ‼ ️ About techniques and personal views:
 - Yesterday, the price of gold fluctuated from 1970 to 1939-1943.  Yesterday mentioned that gold will move sideways and in my personal view gold will continue to move sideways today before the US session.

 - The resistance zone pushed the price of gold down in 1967-1970 and helped push the price around 1945 and further to around 1933.

 - Tonight outside of the weekend will be the last trading session of the month so it is not ruled out that there will be strong profit taking sessions to close the month candles so we should be careful with buy orders at the price in the middle of the 2  the above resistance and support areas.

Today's Market News for You

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 British drug company AstraZeneca said on Thursday that vaccine testing data is very good, it has been tested on a large scale and is considered a leading candidate in the race to win against Covid-19.
 AstraZeneca has reached an agreement with countries to create more than 2 billion doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, developed in collaboration with the University of Oxford, and said it could arrive later this year.

 - The number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits increased in the second week in a row 12,000 applications to 1 million 430 thousand applications, a sign that the economic recovery is increasingly problematic especially when Congress approved  Your payment of $ 600 in benefits will be stopped.


Thursday 16 July 2020

Important News Of the Day

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 + Check out the important news:
 1️⃣ The UK will continue to be involved in many EU structures until the transition period ends on December 31, when a new agreement will be needed to avoid serious disruptions in  trade and logistics issues.
 2️⃣ GBP rebounded today as the latest UK consumer price index for June surpassed forecasts and rose from 0.5% to 0.6%.  As a result, investors have become more optimistic about the country's economic recovery.
 3️⃣ Moderna's Covid-19 vaccine produces antibodies in all patients in an initial safety trial, federal researchers said.  Florida reported a record number of COVID-19 deaths even as the increase in new infections slowed.
 4️⃣ China resolutely opposes US arms sales to Taiwan
 China's Ministry of Defense said it firmly opposes the sale of new US weapons to Taiwan because this would further damage cross-strait (Taiwan-China) relations as well as the Chinese.  Sino-American system.
 The US State Department said it approved the Patriot surface-to-air missile upgrade package for Taiwan last week, worth $ 620 million.

News create impact on Investment up & down, So Before invest go through the news Professional Team Advice 

Monday 13 July 2020

Daily Gold Market News & Analysis

📝 Commenting on Gold July 13, 2020:

️ About news:
- Speaking to Fox Business Network Mr. Trump said: "I fully support the mask". Mr. Trump added that he "likes" his appearance when wearing a mask, which looks like the Lone Ranger. This has been unprecedented since the outbreak of the disease and at least Trump has changed and will positively impact his previous supporters.
- In addition, from my subjective point of view, we are entering the days of being considered the peak of an epidemic. And if further vaccine progression will bring positive signs in disease control.
- This week there will be US economic data will also be published such as CPI, industrial output, retail sales, unemployment benefits ... if this index continues to show In the extreme, DXY will be supported and GOLD will have corrections this week.

About techniques and personal views:
- I still keep my opinion as Friday morning analyzed as last week, Today Gold can retest the 1803 -1806 price zone to reduce points again and the target is also the Gold support zone on 1788 - 1781. .
Specific strategies have been updated.

(Show the gold price when analyzing at 1803.5)

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Saturday 11 July 2020

Why Should You Invest in Forex Market in 2020?

Global pandemic COVID-19 is an unprecedented health issue that has already affected almost all the economies around the world. The employees are transitioning to remote work in order to maintain social distance and lockdown protocols.

There has been a huge shift in business operations and they have exposed all the companies and stock markets to great uncertainties. This has lead to an increase in volatility across financial markets.

To accommodate these volatile markets during this global pandemic, adapting your trade plan and focusing on daily forex signals is essential to meet your investment goals. May investors are also looking for live tips in order to make quick and fruitful decisions.

We have compiled some forex tips that will give you a plan to make a good investment in the forex market in 2020.

#1. Implementing Stop Loss Orders

stop loss order

Since the beginning of March, daily moves between 100 to 300 pips have been recorded on EUR/USD. It is one of the accurate forex tips to execute protective stop-loss orders in order to prevent excessive losses and margin calls.

Not even during current situations but also under normal market conditions, a stop-loss order is an essential risk-management tool. A prudent trader will also try to protect gains or at least use a trailing stop to prevent a winning position to turn into losing position.

#2. Employ Leverage

Many traders employ leverage in order to maximize earnings. In forex trading, higher leverage leads to higher profits. But it is a two-sided coin so we suggest you to focus on daily forex recommendations.

It is important to adjust your leverage as per the movement of the market price.

 #3. Focus on Trade Duration

It is essential to be plugged into the latest news and track your open positions in these unprecedented times. Although for many traders it is impossible to monitor all this 24/7. That is the reason many of them are choosing to liquidate the positions before the close of each trading day.

We recommend you to subscribe to daily forex tips in order to get important tips in a single click.

#4. Equity Risk

In parallel with leverage, many traders are also considering equity investments. Many stock markets have crashed due to the global pandemic which is the reason many stocks are trading at undervalued prices. Traders who are willing to take certain risks are making investments in these undervalued shares to diversify their portfolio.

#5. Orders

There are two types of orders that are used in the forex market.

A market order that is executed immediately at current market prices.

Limit order is executed when the specified limit price is met. These orders protect you from risk as they are not triggered unless conditions are met. This saves you from market volatility.

Final Word

Covid-19 is having a dramatic effect on financial markets. Therefore it is prudent to manage your financial risk and implement proper strategies in this challenging environment.


Wednesday 8 July 2020

Todays GOLD Market News & Analysis

📝 Comments about GOLD on July 8, 2020:

‼ ️ About news:
 - New cases continue to rise, leading the United States to 
surpass 3 million people and reach 12 million globally, putting enormous pressure on hospitals, accompanied by the closure.  Interim State Headquarters in Sacramento to conduct disinfection process.  Besides, the rise of cases will put pressure and hurt the economy more seriously and there will probably be more stimulus measures to support the economy to overcome difficulties.  This has caused the dollar to fall back, gold rose yesterday.

 ‼ ️ About techniques and personal views:
 - Yesterday, Gold continued to break down the zone of 1787,1789 to move up to 1797 as analyzed yesterday.  This is also a sign that the Gold price will continue to increase to the higher area of ​​1820 as shown.  Today the mainstream will be the buy watch for Gold when Gold makes a correction this Asian session,
 - In this Asian session, we can sell short-term down to GOLD from the current price of 1794 until 1785. When gold reaches this price range, we will wait to establish a buy status for Gold.  The ideal regional expectation to establish a buy position is 1779-1783.
 - The daily support zone of the gold is 1779-1783.  The target for today is 1804 and beyond is 1820.

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