Friday, 4 March 2022

Series on the Russia-Ukraine Crisis:

Russia and Ukraine on Thursday agreed on the need for humanitarian corridors to help civilians escape Moscow's eight-day invasion, the first clear progress in the talks, as the United States  in addition to Western sanctions on more oligarchs.

 Thousands of people are believed to have died or been injured in the biggest attack on a European country since the outbreak of World War Two, creating 1 million refugees, affecting the Russian economy and worrying  concerns about broader conflict in the West for decades.

 Russian forces continue to besiege and attack Ukrainian cities, including Mariupol, the main eastern port that is under heavy shelling, without electricity or water.  Officials said they were unable to evacuate the injured.

 After talks at an undisclosed location, Russia said "significant progress" had been made, but not the outcome Kyiv had hoped for.

 The two sides agreed to conduct a third round of negotiations.

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